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ing is a fine type of basketball player. 姚明是篮球运动员的典范。
注:区分:type, kind 和 sort
type 侧重“典型,型号”。 a rare blood type “罕见的血型”
kind 能放在一起的性质相同或相似的一类,“种类”。 three kinds of cakes “三种蛋糕”。
sort 大体相似的事物所形成的种类,意义较为含糊。
特别注意:This kind/ type/ sort of + 单数名词或不可数名词,作主语时谓语动词用单数形式。
These kinds/types/sorts of + 复数名词或不可数名词,作主语时谓语动词用复数形式。
7. personally adv. 就本人而言,就个人意见;本人,亲自
Personally, I prefer the second option. 就我个人而言,我倾向于第二种选择。
All letters will be answered personally. 所有的信件都将由本人亲自答复。
8. create v. 创造,创建;塑造;册封
We should create more wealth for our society. 我们应该为社会创造更多的财富。
Shakespeare created many comic characters. 莎士比亚塑造了许多喜剧人物。
He was created Prince of Wales. 他被封为威尔士王子。
9. wander v. 徘徊,漫游;蜿蜒;走神,(思想)开小差;
She wandered aimlessly around the streets.她在大街上漫无目的的闲逛。
The path wanders along through the hills. 这条路蜿蜒曲折地穿过丘陵。
In class, try not to let your mind wander. 在课堂上,尽量别让你的思想开小差。
注:wonder v. 想知道;n. 奇迹
10. follow
  【原句回放】look at the following sentence. (page 21, line 1)
  【点拨】follow 跟随;沿着;听懂;遵循;听从
  follow one’s instructions 执行(某人的)指令
  1. Follow this road, and you'll get there. 沿着这条路走,你就会到那儿。
  2. I'm sorry I don't quite follow you. 对不起,我不太明白你的意思。
  3. You should follow the rules of the lab when you are doing experiment.
  4. If you follow my advice and study hard, you will pass the exam.
  1. There was a terrible noise_____ the sudden burst of light.
  A. followed        B. being followed
  C. to be followed     D. following
  【解析】1. 声音在闪电之后,是一种主动的跟随。
  【答案】1. D
      2. He spoke so fast that I couldn’t follow him.
      3. The teacher gave the students instructions to arrive early.

1. go by 经过,过去
Time goes by slowly. 时间慢慢过去。 
Don’t let the opportunity go by. 请勿错失良机。
【原句回放】As time went by, I was made smaller.
  【点拨】go by 经过(某地);(时间)过去;(机会等)失去;遵循,依据……办事
  go by = pass
  如:A car went by at full speed. 一辆汽车全速驶过。
    The weeks went slowly by. 一星期一星期慢慢地过去了。
    Don't let this chance go by. 不要错失这次机会。
    That is a good rule to go by. 那是需要遵守的好规章。
  【拓展】go by也可表示“按……行事”“从……看来”。
  1. Three years _______without our knowing it.
  A. went by    B. passed by    C. went on    D. passed on

  2. Don’t go _______that clock. It’s fast.
  A. to    B.on    C. from    D. by
  1. 表示时间的流逝。B项表示从……旁边经过,C项表示进展;D项表示传递。
  2. go by也可表示“按……行事””从……看来”。
  【答案】1. A 2. D
2. so….that…. 如此……以至于……
重点句型: so...that... 结果状语于从句
  【原句回放】And my memory became so large that I couldn’t believe it!
  1) 主语 + be + so + adj. + that ...
    如:It is so cold today that I can’t go out now. 外边太冷了以至于我不能出门
  2) 主语 + vt. / vi. + adv. + that...
    如:He ran so fast that I couldn’t catch up with him. 他跑的太快以至于我赶不上他。
  3) 主语 + 谓语 + so + adj. + a + n. + that...
    如:It is so cold a day that I can’t have to put on more clothes.
  4) 主语 + 谓语 + so + many/ much + n. + that...
    如:He ate so much food that he could hardly bend his body.
  1) 主语 + be + such + a(adj.) + n + that ...
    He is such a (bad) person that no one likes him.
  2) 主语 + 行为动词 + such + a(adj.) + n + that...
    He made such rapid progress that he took the first place in this exam.
    so…that与 such...that之间的转换既为so与such之间的转换。
    The boy is so young that he can't go to school.
    He is such a young boy that he can't go to school. 这个小男孩太小以至于不能去上学。
  so...that与so that的区别:
  so...that表示“如此……以至于……”,so that既可以表示“目的”又可表示“如此……以至于……”。例如:
  ① Black hurried so that he might not miss the train. (目的)
  ② She was speaking very quietly, so that it was difficult to hear what she said. (结果)
  ③ He worked so fast that he made a great many mistakes. (结果)
  1. She told us ______ story that we all forget the time.
  A. such an interesting    B. such interesting a
  C. so an interesting     D. a so interesting

  2. The mountain was ____ steep ____ few people in our city reached the top.
  A. so...as    B. so...that    C. as...as    D. too...to
  1. 因为中心词为名词story,所以被形容词such修饰,符合“主语 + be + such + a(adj.) + n +
    that...”句型,若用so...that...应当为so interesting a story that结构。
  2. steep 为形容词,后接句子。so...that...是引导结果状语从句的连词。
  【答案】1. A   2. B
3. share ….with….与某人分享
Would you like to share your experience with the rest?   你愿意把你的经验与其他人共享吗?
Lucy shares a room with Lily.                      露西与李利同住一个房间。
4. deal with 处理,对付;关于,有关
Such people are difficult to deal with. 这种人不好对付。
This book deals with the Middle East. 这本书是关于中东的。
注:区分:deal with 和do with
deal with 常与连接副词how连用;do with常与连接代词what连用。
I don’t know how to deal with him.   I don’t know what to do with him.
5. in a way = in one way = in some way 在某种程度上
In a way, it was one of our biggest mistakes. 从某种意义上来说,这是我们犯的最大错误之一。
注:in the/sb’s way 挡道,挡路
You’ll have to move—you’re in my way. 你得挪一挪,你挡了我的路。
6. make up 化装,化妆;捏造,虚构;整理,收拾
  make up
  1) 为自己[某人]化妆
    如:She spent an hour making (herself) up before the party.
  2) 形成、 构成或组成某物
    如:What are the qualities that make up her character? 她的人物性格是什么?
  3) 将几种东西放在一起
    如:She made up a basket of food for the picnic. 她把野餐的食物都放在篮子里了。
  4) 铺(床);支起(临时床)
    如:We made up the bed in the spare room for our guest.
  5) 捏造、 虚构某事(尤指为欺骗某人)
    如:I couldn't remember a story to tell the children, so I made one up as I went along.
  6) 与某人和解或和好
    如:Has he made it up with her yet? 他已经和她和好了。
  1) be made up of... 作“由……组成的”解, 是被动形式。 其主动形式是make up。
    如:This team is made up of ten players. 这个队伍是由10个队员组成。
  2) be made of 意为“由……做成”,该短语指成品中可以看出原材料。
    如:These bottles are made of glass. 这些瓶子是由玻璃制成。
  3) be made from 意为“由……做成”,指成品制成后,已看不出原材料。
    如:Gas is made from coal. 天然气是由煤制成。
  4) be made into意为“被做成……”,该短词指某种原料制成某种成品。
    如:Stone can be made into bridges. 石头可以被制成桥。
  5) be made in意为“在……制造”,强调产地。
    如:This kind of watch is made in China. 这种表是在中国制造。
  6) be made by意为“由……制造” 强调动作发出者。
    如:The factory makes this kind of new TV set. 这种电视是由这个厂家制造。
  1. Every time he is late, he’ll ______ an excuse.
  A. take up    B. give up    C. send up    D. make up

  2. —Do you believe what he said?
    —I think it is an excuse ______ by him.
  A. made up    B. to make up    C. make up with   D. made of
  【解析】1. A项意为“占据(空间)”;
      2. 过去分词作定语修饰excuse,说明excuse是动作承受者。
  【答案】1. D 2. A。
7. after all 毕竟,终究,归根结底;别忘了
So you’ve come after all.     你终究还是来了。
After all, what does it matter? 归根结底,那又有什么关系呢?
She should have offered to pay--- she ‘s a millionaire, after all. 她应该主动提出付款---别忘了,她是个百万富翁。
【原句回放】 After all, with the help of my computer brain which never forgets anything, intelligence is what I’m all about. (p23, line 18)
  【点拨】after all
  1) 终究; 毕竟
    如:I know he hasn't finished the work, but after all, he's done his best.
  2) 尽管
    如: After all our advice, he insists on going. 尽管我们建议了,但是他仍然坚持执行。
  above/ beyond all 最重要的是,首先;尤其是,特别是
  at all 完全,全然;究竟;竟然;在任何程度上
  I didn't enjoy it at all. 我一点都不喜欢它。
  first of all 首先
  in all 总计;总的说来
  There were twelve of us in all for dinner. 我们一共12人去用餐
  worst of all 最最/特别/最糟糕的是
  Not at all. 一点也不;根本不;哪儿的话;别客气;没有什么。
  That's all. 没有别的了;完了;没了别的办法。
  People may have different opinions about Karen, but I admire her. ______, she is a great musician.
  A. After all    B. As a result    C. In other words    D. As usual
8. watch over = take care of 照料,照管
Could you watch over my dog while I am on holiday?我度假的时候,你能帮我照顾我的狗吗?
9. 比较级 + and + 比较级, “越来越……”
He ran faster and faster so that I couldn’t catch up with him. 他跑得越来越快,我不能赶上他。
Our school is becoming more and more beautiful.       我们学校变得越来越漂亮了。
10. be the size of “有……的大”,the size前通常有数词或倍数做定语。
This room is the size of that one. = This room is as big as that one. 这房子和那间房子一样大。
That building being built there is five times the size of this old one. 现在正在被建的那栋房子是那栋旧房子的五倍一样大。
注:be the length of = be as long as ;  be the width of = be as wide as; be the depth of = be as deep as be the height of = be as high as
真题:At a rough estimate, Nigeria is ____ Great Britain.(05, 上海)
A. three times the size as                   B. the size three times of
C. three times as the size of                 D. three  times the size of
解析:答案:D. 句意:粗略估计,尼日利亚是英国的三倍一样大。
11. deal/ do with
  【原句回放】...cook the dinner and deal with telephone calls.(p24)
  1) 处理某人所提出的问题或任务; 对待、 对付某人:
    如:Such people are difficult to deal with. 这种人不好对付。
  2) 与某人有社交、 商业等关系:
    如:We have dealt with the company for 10 years. 我们同那家公司打了十年的交道了
  3) 处理(问题、 任务等);料理某事:
    如:How shall we deal with the problem? 我们将如何处理这个问题呢?
  4) 以某事物作为内容; 讨论某事物:
    如:This book deals with problems of pollution. 这本书论述污染问题。
  【拓展】同义词do with处理……处置;对待;放置。二者的区别:
  1)do with

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